Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Hello Lovelies, OfficalDylanMarvil here today!

First off, I’m sorry for posting 3 days late. I got confused and thought that the 27th wasn’t my posting day. I’m sorry! But I’m making it up to you by giving you all a fabulous post. 🙂 So sit right down and enjoy.


I’m sure you’ve all wanted a mirror on the wall sometime in your life. Not to tell you that you are the fairest of them all (please, I’m not that vain!) but to let you know if your outfit looks great on you. Or maybe a little pug named Bean, who just happens to have a way of helping you dress fantastically. Or maybe a little guide to  help you know just what pieces you need, places to shop, what to buy when…it is an endless list. Unfortunately, there is no perfect list that can help you with everything. But, maybe this can help.

You see guides all the time on current fashion, but no one guide that can help you with all seasons AND be tailored to your style. But I thought I would take the challenge of creating a guide for you all on how to have a near-perfect wardrobe, how to pair things, and in the end realize how beautiful you truly are, and maybe that will give you enough confidence to smile at someone you don’t know, just to brighten their day.

So, here we go. 🙂



First off, that quote is pretty funny. 😀

Second, here is the first step: determine your own style.

Some people think that you can only fit into one category in the fashion world. But that isn’t true. Fashion is always changing, just as you are. Admit it, we’re all a little fickle. So what you do first is grab a piece of paper, and write down words that describe your fashion sense, that describe the type of clothes you like, words that describe you. Trendy, girly, sweet, edgy, might be among some of the words you think of. Take your time, this step is important.



Go through the clothes you have, and pick out the ones that you like. Ones that don’t fit, put in one pile. Ones you don’t like, put in another. Ones that you do like, put in the final pile.

With the clothes that don’t fit, ask yourself these questions: Can I alter it to fit? If not, does a friend or sibling want it? Should I donate it? If you can alter it, go ahead. Their are numerous online tutorials, and your mom or a friend is bound to know something about altering. If you can’t alter it to fit, see if a sibling or friend wants it. If the answer is no, then it is time to donate. Pick a charity. Before you go straight to Goodwill, look around at other charities. Some charities take donated clothes in good condition to other countries for people that can’t afford them.

Now with the second pile of clothes that do fit, but you don’t like them. Is there a way you could change them that you could like them? Using craft glue to apply rhinestones or pearls? Iron-on studs? Cut-outs? Glitter and modge podge? You can even look up some online tutorials on YouTube or Pinterest.

Clothes that did not pass this last step, you can again see if a sibling or friend wants them. And clothes that don’t pass that step, can go into the new charity pile.

Now, for your last pile. Clothes you like, that fit. Divide these into piles of Tops, Jeans, Shorts, Other Bottoms, Dresses, and Miscellaneous.

You now have a charity pile, a pile of clothes to alter or change in other ways, and piles of clothes you do like. Set aside the first two piles and lets work on the last pile.



Now, with the piles of clothes you do like. Put them in your closet neatly, this is a neat-freak time. Here are some organization tips to help you through this step:

  • Fold your jeans, then put them on a shelf above where your clothes are hanging. Sort of like the way they do it at stores. You can divide them by wash, color, pattern, style…which ever way you like. Like THIS.
  • ALWAYS fold sweaters. Hanging them will destroy the shape. I’ve learned this the hard way.
  • A fun way to hang your skirts is from shortest to longest. It looks nice and pretty. Very organized.
  • One way I like to organize my tops is this: I start by hanging all my tank tops, categorizing by color. Like a rainbow. Then I move on to wide-strap and muscle tees, again categorizing by color. Then T-Shirts. Then other short-sleeve tops, then quarter-sleeve tops, all the way to long sleeve. In each section, I continue the categorizing by color.
  • Some stores such as Target sell these sweater box things, which hang in your closet. Anything you can’t or don’t want to hang can be put in here. They look like THIS. PBTeen sells some cute ones for dorms, which of course can also be used in your room.


Now, What Do I Need?

Okay, so you’ve learned to organize and sort your clothes. But what about all that stuff earlier about fashion needs? What exactly should be in my closet?

Well, this is really up to you. Use the words you wrote down at the beginning when you go shopping, to help you decide on pieces you aren’t sure about. Make sure it is a piece you actually like, not something you want because everyone else is wearing it. Be a trendsetter, not follow. You know, unless that trend is bows. Then it is time to follow. 🙂

But if you’re like me, that might not be enough. You want a cute little typed-up list giving you examples.


When it comes to jeans, there are four styles: Flare, bootcut, skinny, and jeggings. Those are the four main styles you need to know about. If you don’t like flare, you don’t have to get them. I personally don’t own any because they look odd on me, but some of you might be able to find a way to make them work for you.

Bootcut is nice, and work best with tighter tops. You should own at least one pair of bootcut, more if you really like them.

Of skinny jeans, you can never have too many. I suggest one dark wash, one light wash, and one medium wash at least to start with. Add to your collection as you want. For example, you could have a pair of light wash and then another pair of light wash with studded pockets. Just try to make you items different, this will give you more variety and more to work with when picking an outfit.

Patterned and colored jeans are also very cute, and take your time finding the perfect prints and shades. Forever21 and Delia’s, along with WetSeal and Charlotte Russe, have wide selections with very unique jeans.


Tops. Tops, Tops, Tops. So many different styles!  Make sure you have a few T-Shirts, for those casual or sick days. You can choose from different patterns, colors, styles and cuts for different tops. Look for styles and colors that look good on you, then try to build variety.


There are three different lengths of leggings: Knee-length (less common, but I’ve seen them at Forever21 and Target before), crops, and ankle length. It is useful to have these to wear under shorter leggings or skirts, and with long tunics.


As with tops, there are many different styles and prints and colors and fabrics, so experiment a bit here.



In fashion, there are a lot of classics. There are the things you should spend more on, because you can wear them for longer amounts of time. When it comes to trends, buy them at cheaper prices since chances are you won’t wear them for more than about 3 years.

Also, if you’re still growing you can take those classics after you’ve out-grown them and you can consign them–then you have money for more clothes! The better the quality, the more you’ll get.



The best way to know what stores are near you is to Google your nearest mall, and a list of stores will pop up. That way you’ll have a general idea of what is and isn’t at your mall.



If you prefer designer brands, but can’t afford them, definitely check out the upper scale consignment shops in your area. They’ll be full of designer clothes at much, much cheaper prices. Or even if you do have a larger budget, you may prefer to go to consignment shops because then you can buy more. This can all depend on your style, taste, and budget. You don’t necessarily have to plan it all out bit by bit. Just go with the flow, and eventually you’ll know exactly which stores fit your style and budget.


The Do’s and The Don’ts

DO wear what you want.

DON’T follow trends just because your friends are. Listen to Do#1.

DO take chances. You never know, you might just create something wonderful.

DON’T feel pressured to look perfect. Be perfectly imperfect.

DO try to find colors that coordinate well together, and look great on you.

DON’T wear something that looks bad on you, just because it looks great on the hanger or model. Your body will look good in all sorts of clothes, but there will be pieces that aren’t flattering on you. It’s okay.

DO cut pictures out of magazines to help you think of outfit ideas. Sometimes a simple picture can make things easier.

DON’T feel like you have to spend more to fit in. Is that really how you want to live? Thinking that wearing more expensive clothes makes you better? Clothing is clothing no matter where it is from.

DO try out different looks. There might be something you think you hate, but take a second look. It might become your new favorite thing.

DON’T give up on an outfit just because you can’t match things perfectly. It’s like writers block. Take a quick break and come back to finish the outfit.


I hope you all have an amazing day!

I love you all to Pluto and back!




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Rules Are Made For Breaking

– Claire Lyons’ POV –

– Continuing From XoXoAHY’s Post  🙂 – 


Perfectly Imperfect

Alicia let out a sharp scream and threw her Prada bag in the general direction the light was coming from. I remained completely frozen, thinking of an image of my parents disappointed look if I showed up on our doorstep with the police. Then, I saw a flash of green, then blue, as the person stepped into the light of the room. “Cam!” I giggled, “you scared us!” I peeked behind him to see Derrick and Josh hitting each other with flashlights.

“No kidding,” grumbled Massie, “somebody get me a xanax.”

“Wait, why are Derrick and Josh here?” Kristen crossed her arms and lowed her eyes at the boys, who instantly stopped hitting each other and straightened up.

Cam shrugged, “They wanted to tag along.”

Massie stood up from the plush chair she sat on. “Um, excuse me? Do you mind if we can quit the small taw-k and get my schedule back? Thanks.” She shot a glare at us all, making me shimmy down further into my seat. I looked up at Cam, who I had suggested come to help us crack the schools security to get Massie’s schedule back. He smiled knowingly and quickly jabbed at the keys while the rest of us waited in silence.

Three minutes later Massie had her classes back and Olivia got  stuck with whatever classes we put her down as. Alicia giggled, “Put her down for learning Mandarin Chinese for her foreign language.”

“Leesh, she can barely pass English, I doubt she can learn Chinese.” I said thinking about how she sat next to me in English last year and had to ask how to spell orange. (OOC: Mean girls reference!)

Alicia shrugged her shoulders, not an ounce of guilt showing, “What did she expect, taking Mass’s classes like that?”

I signed softly and pointed Cam toward the screen, helping him navigate the schools insanely hard security codes.

“All done.” he smiled proudly and hugged me from behind. “Let’s go get something to eat!”


Two days later Massie and Olivia got this email sent to both of them by principal Burns:

I’m sorry to say there’s been a mix-up with the schedules. After reviewing your classes for a second time, I realized that Massie Block’s classes had gotten confused with Olivia Ryan’s. Both of the correct schedules are attached to this email.

“I got my classes back!” Massie piped, waving her iPhone5 in the air excitedly.

“Whoo! Olivia Ryan: 0 TPC: 1!” Dylan burped.


Thanks for reading, lovelies!

Infinite X’s and O’s 🙂


PS: Yes, I published this at 2AM so this is technically Sunday :3 Whoopsies



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Not To Worry

With the PC following behind, Massie Block searched and searched thru the crowd for Olivia.  She finally reached Olivia and pulled her arm hard enough that the sleeve to her tacky Christmas sweater could’ve been pulled off.

“You benevolent bottle-blonde!  You stole my schedule from me!  Care to explain yourself?”  Massie impatiently half-screamed at Olivia.

“Hah.  That schedule was a perfect ten.  Too perfect for a spoiled girl like you to have.  So I took it, and I timed everything perfectly.  I saw you girls filling in your schedules together with the same classes, and I waited in the hallway until I saw every girl except you hand their schedules in.  I knew you’d take a few extra minutes, so I used that to my advantage and bursted threw the doors-acting like I was late and had forgotten.”  She explained everything; It sounded like something Mona from Pretty Little Liars would have planned out.

“Impossible, you couldn’t have known that” Massie jabbed back.

“Oh, but sweetie, I did.  After spending so much time the past few years with your beta, I can learn a lot.  So I used it to my advantage,”  Olivia replied, striking a look at Alicia.

Alicia narrowed her eyes and snarled her lips.  “Don’t you dare, Liv.  This is all on you.  I like you but I am the opposite of your friend when you do things like this.  We’ll fix this, and when we do, you’re going to be in more pain than when you got your second nose job.  Come on, Mass, she’s not worth arguing with.”  And with that, they all turned on their heels and went back to the party, knowing they’d be dealing with this situation afterwards.


Late the next night…

The Range Rover pulled up to the side of Octavian Country Day.  Kristen knew about a secret way into the girls locker room, which they could use to get to the inside of the school, and furthermore, the secretary’s office.  Dressed in all black the girls quietly stepped out of the Range Rover, waved goodbye to Isaac, and creeped towards the locker room door.

“Kris, are you sure this is going to work?” Claire questioned.

“Affirmative.  It’s always unlocked because the soccer team broke the lock while trying to get in during a past game.”  Kristen answered back while pushing the door open.

They went thru the locker room, the gym, and a few hallways until they finally reached the secretary’s office.  Claire sat at the secretary’s desk and began to crack the code to get into the student schedule folder.

“Almost…got i-” Claire was about to finish when she was blinded by a bright light from a shadowy figure in the doorway.

To Be Continued…..


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Christmas In July


Massie Block walked down the light, airy hallway of Octavian Country Day with the Pretty Committee stepping in beat beside her. The girls were on a mission, one that nothing could distract them from. With summer starting in less than one week, the girls were determined to create the perfect class schedule for the next school year.

They stepped into the secretary’s office and quickly filled out the forms, double and triple checking they had the same class numbers down for everything. As soon as they had filled out their papers and were turning them in one by one, the door burst open and Olivia Ryan ran inside.

“Ohmagawd, am I late?” she panted.

“No, dear. You still have time to turn in your class schedule,” the secretary said as she grabbed Olivia’s paperwork and placed it on top of a large stack of papers on her desk.

Olivia breathed a heavy sigh of relief and ran back out of the office. Massie couldn’t help but glance over at the Pretty Committee, her eyebrows raised. The girls let out a giggle as they watched Massie finishing filling out her paperwork, she took much longer than the other girls since she was checking over her form for perfection.  Massie laughed and shook her head, only Olivia would be stupid enough to forget class schedules were due by the end of the day.  She quickly turned in her form and lead the girls outside.

As soon as the girls bounced down the steps and into the Range Rover, Alicia pulled out her phone and showed the other girls her ideas for their first party of the summer.

“At first I was thinking we could do a lieu but the more I thought about, Hawaii themed parties are so seventh grade,” Alicia said with an eye-roll.

“Definitely. What’s your other idea?” Dylan asked.

“We should do a Christmas in July party,” Alicia said excitedly.

The other girls stared back at her, blinking.

“Uhm, care to explain what that is?” Massie asked Alicia.

“It’s like Christmas! But in July! You decorate your backyard with Christmas decorations and instead of wearing your usual Trina Turk bikini you would be wearing a red and white one,” Alicia let a sly grin play across her lips.

The girls sat back in the cool leather seats and thought for a moment. Massie tried to envision her Christmas tree, string lights, and crystal ornaments adorning her backyard deck and lawn. She couldn’t help but grin as she imagined the entire thing coming together.

“Let’s do it!”

post 18 2

Massie stepped slowly down her deck steps, trying to take in everything that was happening in her backyard. On each side of her large deck, there was a Christmas tree, dressed head-to-toe in summer themed ornaments. There were white lights strung from her deck to the spa, creating a twinkling cloud over the dance floor, bonfire, and Christmas themed dessert table. The Pretty Committee had made red strawberry cupcakes, green and red striped peppermint sticks, an array of green and red candies, Santa Claus shaped sugar cookies, and red punch to set out for everyone to snack on. Over by the bonfire there was an assortment of chocolate bars, graham crackers, and red and green marshmallows. The DJ was setting up in the corner and Massie took a deep breath of relief.

She turned to the girls and smiled, “Everything looks perfect!”

“I know! I can’t believe we pulled this off. This was such a good theme, Leesh,” Kristen smiled at Alicia who was obviously beaming over her great idea.

“Aw, it was nothing,” Alicia blushed.

“Ehmagawd people are arriving!” Claire squealed as she saw their crushes come down the deck steps into the backyard.

The girls greeted the guys and showed them where all the food was. Claire and Cam went over to the bonfire to try to get it lit while the rest of Massie’s friends were strewn around the dance floor. People were coming in the door faster than she could greet them and after ten minutes of standing by the door, she decided to find the Pretty Committee. As she was winding her way to the backdoor, her phone beeped in her pocket. She opened up the email she had just received and realized it was her class schedule. She was thumbing through her class list when she bumped into Claire.

“Hey! Did you see our schedules are posted,” Claire asked Massie with a smile.

“Yeah….. but none of these are right. Look,” Massie showed Claire her schedule which did not match any of the courses she signed up for earlier that week.

“That’s weird, the rest of us have all of our classes together. Try emailing them back.” Claire said.

Massie quickly typed up a reply and hit send. A minute later, she received an email back from the principle. As she read the reply, she could feel her stomach drop and her blood boil. The principle had responded that all the classes she signed up for were filled. She was the first person on the wait list for all of the classes she had originally wanted and someone would have to drop out of them for her to get in. She wordlessly handed Claire her phone.

“WHAT!? How can that happen!? We all turned in our papers at the exact same time,” Claire shook her head in disbelief.

Massie stared back at her phone, watching her dreams being crushed via email was not how she wanted to spend her party. A second later, it clicked.

“EMG. Olivia. Olivia Ryan!” Massie screamed at Claire.

“You don’t think….”

“She stole my classes from me!” Massie turned on her heel and took off through the party.

To Be Continued…..

Stay Beautiful,

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Get Ready for Summer!

Bonjour my beautifuls!


As you can tell by the title, today’s post will be all about getting fit, healthy and wardrobe-ready for summer! There is about 2 more months left of school before we’ll be throwing our papers in the air and are going to be on summer vacation! But, while we’re waiting, why not do some preparation? Let’s be bikini ready and get the perf wardrobes together!

Let’s get started!

Getting Fit:

So, a lot of us girls want to be fit, skinny and healthy before summer vacation so we’ll look good in our swimsuits, shorts, and tanks. Here are some tips on how to get a summer-worthy bod in time!




So, when you think of exercising, the first word that pops into your head might be running, right? Well, there’s a different type of running that will burn more calories than how you run normally:

This is called Interval running. Interval running is where you run at your normal speed for 2-5 minutes, then sprint for 1 minute or so. Keep repeating this process in your workout. You don’t have to do this everyday, but you should definitely do it often for you will get good results!

We all want nice legs, and most girls focus on skinny thighs, and toned calves. Don’t forget that thigh gap! Other than running there are several exercises that will help you get there!

*But remember: You have to run and lose weight all over as well to get nice legs.

Exercise #1: The classic jump rope! Try doing the jump rope for at least 10-15 minutes every or every other day. This will definitely help you on your journey to great legs!

Exercise #2: Step ups! If you have stairs, or any kind of mini stool that you can do step ups on, take advantage of them! Everyday before bed, or maybe everyday in the morning if you have time, try to do 10-15 minutes of step ups. You’ll realize how much they can actually do once you start doing them regularly.

Exercise #3: Biking! This is pretty obvious, but try to bike as much as you can! If you’re going to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients, ride your bike there! If you’re going to school, try riding your bike if it’s not too far.

*You can also look online for other ways if you would like.

If you are super busy, and don’t have time to exercise, try doing some yoga! It’s a great way to cool off after an exercise sesh as well!

Food and Diet:

While you can exercise to lose weight, you have to watch what you eat as well! Exercising then eating whatever you want will not get you that beach bikini bod you want!

There are great foods that are healthy as well that you can eat without gaining a whole lot of calories.

They include:

• Berries! Any type of berries are healthy and sweet! For example: Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries!

• Carrots! Especially baby carrots! They’re smaller, so I guess you gain less, but they’re healthy anyways, haha. And, you can also eat them with ranch dressing which is really good. This makes the perfect after school snack that you can eat and you’ll barely gain any calories. As long as you take the correct serving size of dressing.

• Babybel cheese! We all need our dairy, and it should definitely be part of your diet. Babybel cheese is a mini cheese that is super good, and pretty healthy! One cheese should leave you feeling content.

• Greek yogurt! Greek yogurt is super delish, but it’s good for you! It has a small amount of calories, and makes a great snack! You can make it part of your breakfast in the morning if you want to add a little something!

So, these are just a few snacks that are healthy but still great-tasting and I encourage you to try some of them!


Now that we’ve got the food and exercise down…it’s fashion time! There are several things that are trending for summer right now and I hope you try some of them out this summer!


Peplum tops!

These are all examples of peplum tops. They’re super cute, and they’ll keep you cool as well! They come in so many different colors and designs, and for summer, there are peplum tank tops!

Tribal print!

Tribal print is eye-catching, colorful and really fashionable! You can pair it with simple clothing pieces to make a super cute outfit!

Colored shorts!


These babies have been pretty popular for spring and I know they’re going to be a huge trend for summer! You should definitely try some out! Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone!

Alright my beautifuls, I hope you enjoyed this post! 

Let’s all get ready for summer together!





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Graduation Bucket List


Bonjour, loves!

KLS here, bringing you my first official post as a member of OCDO.

Can you believe it’s already May? Depending on where you live, your school will be ending either this month or next month. I personally think that the end of the school year is the most hectic, if you’re trying to get any assignments done while trying to reflect back on the year that’s gone by.

With all the drama that goes with preparing for the close of another great school year, it’s important to have some fun. Here’s a bucket list of all the things you have to do before you say goodbye to all your friends for the year.

â™” Give a gift. Give cute end-of-year gifts to your friends, like white teddy bears to sign and keep.

â™” Get out and about. Go to a local freshwater pond or creek, and just spend a day splashing around having picnics.

â™” Relax a little. Have a no-makeup, all junk food night with your girls.

â™” Sleep under the stars. Set up a quick tent and spend the night “camping” in your backyard.

â™”Infinite in print. If your yearbook isn’t completed, send a few shots of you and your friends to the staff.

â™” Shop all day. Girls are already great at shopping, so why not make it a competition? Set a list of things to do and buy. First back gets treated to Pinkberry!

Have fun! Tell me if you do any of these things or if you want to, or leave more suggestions in the comments!


Forever and always.


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Inspiration = Determination

Hello Lovelies! 

I’m Offical Dylan Marvil, or ODM.

As tweens and teens, we all get depressed or mad or sad or just plain…uninspired.

So, today I am going to inspire you. Well, it is the quotes that will but you know what I mean…

Because when we aren’t inspired, we slow down. So when we are inspired, we get determined to reach our goal, try a little harder, and succeed a little more.

I love you all to Pluto and back!


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